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About the Neighborhood

Welcome to the trendiest neighborhood in Brooklyn. You’ll be hard pressed to walk down one of the gorgeous tree-lined streets without finding a quaint café, a posh boutique or a charming watering hole. Major chains have set up shop next to small businesses and long-time music venues. Spend a day in Williamsburg and discover the thriving art scene, the home to the HBO series, Girls, and any number of seriously good eateries.

Bordered by Greenpoint in the north, Bed-Stuy in the south and Bushwick, East Williamsburg, Queens and Fort Greene to the east and west, Williamsburg is the epicenter of some of Brooklyn’s most favored neighborhoods. The terrain through Williamsburg has changed rapidly, with new storefronts opening their doors on every street and new restaurants vying for the hearts of those who travel the bustling thoroughfares, all set against the backdrop of old industrial buildings with that grungy Brooklyn feel.

This now bustling borough was once just a village within the Town of Bushwick, known for its shipyards and factories. Slowly, this village saw increased urbanization and attracted wealthy businessmen who desired the convenient location Williamsburg offered. In 1852, Williamsburg became a city in its own right, but just three short years later, it was merged as a part of Brooklyn.


Williamsburg is fully equipped to easily transport its many visitors and residents from several major access points throughout this neighborhood. With a variety of options, from subway and bus to multiple ferry locations, you’ll have your pick of the litter when it comes to commuting options. If you’re inclined to drive your own ride, you’ll enjoy easy access to the Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Subway: If you’re looking to travel from the North Side to the South Side in a jiffy, the G-Line is for you, while if you’re looking to traveling east or west, you can hop on the J, M, Z or L trains. There are several major access points for each line throughout Williamsburg.

Zipcar: Get the best of both worlds: have your own personal ride and don’t worry about the hassle or cost of a parking garage. Williamsburg is chock full of Zipcar pick-up and drop-off locations so get ready to plan your next road trip.

Bus: On just about every main street in this neighborhood you can find one of many major bus routes. Your go-to spot for just about any bus is the Williamsburg Bridge/Washington Plaza Bus Terminal, which has six bus lanes and serves as a terminal for a majority of the MTA New York City Transit Authority routes.

Ferry: Williamsburg is serviced by the East River Ferry with two terminals, North 6th Street/North Williamsburg and Schaefer Landing/South Williamsburg. Both travel to 34th Street and the Wall Street area, departing every 20 minutes during peak hours and every hour throughout the rest of the day.

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Even the pickiest eaters will find something to enjoy here as Williambsurg offers a seemingly endless amount of delectable dining options throughout the entire borough. Whether you’re doing date-night with your partner, looking for some late night munchies or kicking your hangover with endless brunch, Williamsburg has something to satiate any appetite.

DeStefano’s Steakhouse 89 Conselyea St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-2836
SEA Restaurant 114 N 6th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Shalom Japan 310 S 4th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Marlow & Sons 81 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY 11249
BeeHive Oven Biscuit Café 182 S 2nd St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211


When you’re looking to paint the town red, Williamsburg is the new “it” place to be. Rivaling the nightlife scene in New York City, you’ll find swanky clubs, your classic bar scene, indie music venues, and cocktail lounges all in this one ultra-trendy nabe.

The Whiskey Brooklyn 44 Berry St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Barcade 388 Union Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Maison Premiere 298 Bedford Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Baby’s All Right 146 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Music Hall of Williamsburg 66 N 6th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Wondering what to do in Williamsburg? For every shopaholic, it’s no exaggeration that Williamsburg's streets are overflowing with chic boutiques. For more outdoorsy types, parks and playgrounds abound. Just spend a day winding through this area and you’ll easily find ways to occupy your free time.

Williamsburg Bridge A suspension bridge connecting
the Lower East Side of
Manhattan at Delancey Street
with Williamsburg.
Earwax Records 167 N 9th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Brooklyn Bowl 61 Wythe Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Smorgasburg 90 Kent Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

The Art Scene

Outside of the Big Apple, it’s rare to find a neighborhood with more than a few art galleries worth making the trip for. Well, art aficionados unite. One can literally feel the creative energy reverberating through any one of quaint Williamsburg streets as this neighborhood is home to an astounding number of truly breathtaking art exhibits and spaces.

Brooklyn Art Library 28 Frost St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
RePop 143 Roebling St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
483 Gallery 483 Driggs Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Cotton Candy Machine 43 Porter Ave,
New York, NY 11237
Figureworks 168 N 6th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211