Staff Spotlight: Anthony Lonn

Meet Anthony Lonn: Copywriting wizard, KPI enthusiast and kick-ass karaoke star.

Outside of work, Tony loves to paint, camp and participate in karaoke whenever the opportunity presents itself, “I’m a kick-ass karaoke singer.” People also often don’t know that Tony was quite active in theater all the way up until his early 20s; “I played the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Oliver in Oliver Twist.” He added that he listens to any and all 70s and 80s love songs – “I hopelessly love love songs.” – and is completely enamored with Costa Rica ever since vacationing there this summer. “Their whole idea of pura vida is so different than the crush of NYC. I would go back every year if I could.”

Tony shared, “Dixon has a real knack for being a step ahead of the competition and industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found several new investment or high-growth opportunities to take on in the next five years.” He smiled, “I think there’s still so much untapped opportunity out there, but we have the right people and environment to do it.”