Staff Spotlight: Dana Opeikun

Meet Dana Opeikun: The eternally happy, aspiring cat lady who once dreamed of being a math teacher but is alternatively crushing it as an Associate Director of Project Management.

Dana is Associate Director of Project Management and a part of Dixon's Team Traub, specializing in both minor and full-gut renovations for the Fund as well as private client work. Working on twelve to fifteen projects each week, Dana’s main concern is to ensure these projects are all moving forward to completion so tenants may move into a beautiful home as quickly as possible.

Dana, lovingly called Dane by her family, originally planned to be a math teacher upon graduation. After attending community college for a short period of time, Dana didn’t see herself being satisfied for the long-term in her future role as a teacher and decided to transfer to Stevens Institute of Technology to study engineering, following in her father’s footsteps.



It’s clear that Dana loves her job and all of its ups and downs. However, if given the opportunity, Dana says she’d love to switch roles with Gershi Adler, a Property Manager. “He’s like me but on another level. He always has the best and funniest stories. I’d love to play Gershi for a month or so.”

Outside of work, this energetic gal keeps healthy through running and barre classes. She also spends a lot of time with her polydactyl cat, Ona. Not a prehistoric cat, just a cat with extra toes. “I had always wanted a cat, but my mom wouldn’t let me get one while I lived at home. I told her that I would move out and ‘own a’ cat named ‘Ona,’” Dana shared with a cheeky smile.