Staff Spotlight: Dane Corpion

Meet Dane Corpion: Quick-witted negotiator, talented athlete and adventurous spirit with a matching bucket list of exotic travel ambitions.

As Procurement Analyst for Dixon Projects, Dane ensures all construction materials are delivered to each property as quickly as possible, at the best price and of the quality expected for every Dixon renovation. Relying heavily on his negotiation skills, Dane works tirelessly to cultivate positive relationships with suppliers. “These relationships certainly help cut costs and improve delivery times, but also open doors to future endeavors as the demand for Dixon Projects’ services continues to grow.”



Outside of work, Dane plays instruments (piano and ukulele), participates in intermural volleyball and basketball and hits the beach in Belmar, New Jersey. Dane spends the remainder of his limited free time planning adventures. “I have plans in place to attend the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics – a check on my bucket list – and I’d love to backpack through Europe soon; potentially by myself.” What you may be surprised to discover is that—up until two years ago—Dane wasn’t Dane. “My name is actually Robert. After being called Dane my entire life, I legally changed it two years ago.”