Staff Spotlight: Ingrid Firmin

Meet Ingrid Firmin: Ex rodeo star, owner of the Dixon snack drawer and highly entertaining Leasing Manager.

After learning about Dixon Advisory from her former Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sister at Rutgers University, Ingrid interviewed for a Leasing Manager position and immediately fell in love with Dixon. “I interviewed with my director, Josh Carney, and instantly felt how he and the company cared about me. Everyone was welcoming and I knew I’d love it here.” Although she had been working in fashion at the time, Ingrid found herself drawn to real estate shows which piqued her interest in how the profession worked behind the scenes. “The real estate industry is huge, especially in New York City. It’s pretty cool to be part of it right in the heart of the Financial District.” As a Leasing Manager, Ingrid, known by many as Ing, works to find great tenants to live in Dixon’s properties, hopefully for the long-term. “We’re very long-term focused here. These homes have history, but they’re renovated to stand the test of time.”


This outgoing gal loves the daily perk of getting to meet and connect with new people as a Leasing Manager. “Dixon is very client focused. I get to meet so many interesting people every day, whether they become a tenant or not.” Feeding her love of interacting with others, Ing is the proud owner of Dixon’s office snack drawer. “Keeping up with everyone’s snacking habits was getting expensive, so I added a cup for monetary donations,” she explained with a mischievous grin.