Staff Spotlight: Katrina Cavanough

Meet Katrina Cavanough: This ballerina-turned-lawyer is an avid brunch-goer, gifted celeb-spotter and Aussie café regular.

As Senior Legal Analyst with Dixon Advisory USA, Kats days are filled with a variety of tasks, primarily coordinating with the Acquisitions, Leasing, Property Management and Human Resources teams on compliance-related issues. “I am lucky in that I have the opportunity to work across almost every team in the company in some capacity so I get a taste of what happens at each stage of the property development pipeline. In addition to typical in-house legal duties, the legal team is responsible for ensuring everything keeps running smoothly from the acquisition of a property, during the renovation and leasing stages through to the long-term management of the tenancy.Balancing a variety of tasks and roles within Dixon has brought Kat to where she is today.

Kat Cavanough