Staff Spotlight: Marybeth Narine

Avid mystery novel reading, funky glasses wearing "theater nerd", Marybeth Narine is an Interior Designer working on the Dixon Projects team.

Marybeth, Dixon’s first interior designer under Creative Director Steffen Ringelmann, joined the Dixon Projects team after learning about the company from her cousin who was then working on the Acquisitions Team. Known as “Mb” by her team and most at Dixon, this creative gal has a funky taste in glasses and serious design talents; “I design the interiors of properties and occasionally pick out the staging furniture.” One of her more notable projects? Dixon’s Manhattan office – a space sophisticated enough to attract investors, but playful enough to wake up employees’ minds every day. “Rian Smith – another one of Dixon’s interior designers – and I collaboratively designed this entire office. I think I speak for the both of us when I say it’s the project we’re most proud of.” In the coming years, Mb envisions Dixon outgrowing its current office and continuing onto a second floor of the building. “We’ve grown so much in five years’ time. I’ve been here for three, and it’s insane to watch the company grow in front of my eyes.”

MB_1.jpg MB_2.jpg

Mb dubs herself a homebody but loves a good vacation now and then; “In April I went on a two-week vacation to Costa Rica and Hawaii; but, I’m going to Curacao in a couple weeks so that might top it.” Something else you may not know about Marybeth is that she took piano lessons for 16 years; “I can’t keep a plant alive either.”

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Anyone who walks past Dixon’s design department can immediately see how close-knit the team is, and Marybeth confirms, “My team is the best part of the job. I’m also grateful for the freedom that I have as a designer and how willing our client is to try new designs,” she continued, “What makes real estate truly special is how each property has its own personality. During the initial walkthrough, you get a sense of the voice the house will have. It’s really cool as a designer to be able to help a house realize its full potential before it becomes someone’s home.”