Staff Spotlight: Steffen Ringelmann

Meet Steffen Ringelmann: This risk-taking designer jumped head first into sports, carpentry, DeeJaying and more before finding himself serendipitously working as the Creative Director on hundreds of luxurious Dixon renovations.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Steffen found himself drawn to New York City from a young age. When it was time to decide on college, New York was at the center of his mind. “I was recruited to play basketball out of high school and eventually narrowed my decision to NYU or Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. I chose Vassar based on its academic reputation, liberal arts experience and beautiful campus, knowing New York was only a short train ride away."

Steffen committed himself to basketball early on at Vassar, starting as a freshman and voted team captain as a sophomore, but by junior year, his interest in art had taken over. “I was a dual Fine Arts and Media Studies major. Once I stopped playing basketball, I spent my time sculpting, painting and reading art theory.” After college, Steffen moved to Brooklyn and found work installing artworks at a handful of Manhattan galleries. He also DeeJayed a pair of weekly parties as well as occasional private events, finding time to continue painting and sculpting in between it all. “It was a wild time and I loved it. I was living the dream!”

Steffen at his desk

Steffen smiling