Dixon's Favorites: Aussie Coffee Shops

When Australian coffee culture began to emerge in the States a few years ago, many a doubtful New Yorker probably thought, "But don't we have enough coffee bars in the city already?" With national chains offering burnt beans and an anemic pastry selection to patrons hunched distractedly over smartphones, the city coffee experience is sorely lacking. But in Australia, the attitude is different — deliciously so.

In Australian cafés, food and coffee are given equal billing. Beans are carefully roasted, and each beverage is lovingly handcrafted. The food, typically centered on "brekkie" and light lunch fare, is eons above microwaved-to-death egg sandwiches and stale croissants. Perhaps most importantly, the vibe is beachy and relaxed, inviting patrons to linger over actual face-to-face conversations.

With deep Australian roots ourselves, we at Dixon know a thing or two about Australian coffee culture, and from this well-informed vantage point, we bring you our Dixon's favorite Aussie Coffee Shops. Enjoy, mate!


Two Hands

Two Hands — 251 Church Street, TriBeCa  (Photo via twohandsnyc.com)

Two Hands is a community-focused cafe that strives to create nutritious, simple and delicious food paired with exceptional coffee. Taking inspiration from Australia's forward-thinking culinary scene and relaxed beachside lifestyle, Two Hands aims to be a place for the community near and far to come unwind in the light-filled space. The menu together with the coastal inspired interiors and caring service will have guests feeling a world away from the day to day grind of NYC.


Seven Point Espresso.jpg

Seven Point Espresso — 637 Washington Ave. at Bergen Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Photo via dixonprojects.com)

With gorgeous interiors by Dixon Projects, we can't help but be partial to this Brooklyn spot where the ambiance is pure Australian ease. Set in a wedge-shaped building on the border of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, this bright and friendly spot has become a beloved local hangout for Brooklynites with a taste for great food and coffee. Their avocado toast includes rich hazelnut dukkah and feta cheese, and there's a special kids' menu for the little ones.



BANTER — 169 Sullivan Street, Greenwich Village (Photo via banternyc.com)

Following the opening in 2017, BANTER has created a sanctuary in which everyone can come in and enjoy delicious food, tasty beverages and share BANTER with one another. BANTER encapsulates the idea of having a health conscious, but not focused menu. They focus on using local ingredients and pride themselves on continually building great relationships with all our suppliers. BANTER in its own right is conversation, but it’s more than that. It’s comfort, enjoyment & fun. It’s something that you do naturally with everyone around you, and something that can only be done with a giant smile across your face.


Charley St

Charley St — 41 Kenmare Street 
(Photo via charleyst.com)

Charley St is an Aussie-inspired fast-casual restaurant located in NYC's Nolita district. They specialize in our house-made spreads, which form the base of our toasts and bowls. Charley St serves breakfast, lunch, and artisanal coffee by Melbourne-born Proud Mary. Their food philosophy revolves around local sourcing and sustainability and they strive to connect people and communities through colorful and delicious food. .


Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall — 15 Cliff Street, New York 
(Photo via dixonprojects.com)

Also renovated by Dixon Projects, Hole in the Wall is a New York hot spot with Australian roots. The Hole in the Wall team loves all things food & coffee related. So much so, that they want to share what we know best with the people of New York City. Sourcing beans from several locations around the world, Hole in the Wall has partnered with roasting kings NOVO Coffee, out of Denver, ensuring that the coffee drinking experience is fresh, fantastic and unforgettable. They have also partnered with the finest fresh food suppliers to ensure the food is unforgettable too.


Boundless Plains

Boundless Plains — 19 Rector Street, New York 
(Photo via dixonprojects.com)

Also renovated by Dixon Projects, Hole in the Wall is a New York hot spot with Australian roots. Boundless Plains is an Australian style espresso cafe serving premium coffee and a delicious selection of seasonal, nutritious and inventive café dishes. Boundless Plains brings Aussie flair, delicious drinks, unique dishes and a freshly designed space to an area where coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the Financial District.


Little Collins.jpg

Little Collins — 667 Lexington Ave. between 55th and 56th streets, Midtown, Manhattan (Photo via littlecollinsnyc.com)

For a taste of Australia in Midtown Manhattan, head to Little Collins, a delightful food and coffee spot named for a bustling Melbourne street. Catering to the workday crowd, there's not much space to linger here, but the attentive personal service makes it a welcoming destination for beautifully executed coffees. Brekkie, salads and sandwiches fill the menu, and their avo smash is simply perfect topped with just feta, chili flakes and pepitas. For the full Aussie experience, try The Convict — toast with Vegemite.


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