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Work Smarter, not harder

Increase your inventory and earn 1-month commission every time you partner with Dixon Leasing.

You’ve worked hard to establish a reputation and develop a strong network of clients. Now, expand your income potential by partnering with Dixon Leasing to increase your available property inventory. We specialize in high-quality single- and multi-family townhouses that are individually designed, show amazingly, and shatter neighborhood rental records so that YOU can impress even the most discerning clients. We call it the "Dixon Difference." What you get: 

You’ll earn 1-month OP for all successful tenants that you bring us. ($2,295 – $25,000 per property is possible)

Expand your inventory and increase your ability to pair your clients with the perfect property.

A trusted partner with a great reputation, high-quality product, and great service.

We will always make time to show properties on your schedule.

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We're 100% Broker Friendly!
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Working with Dixon is easy!

It’s simple. We throw awesome open houses and promote properties. You bring great tenants to live in our homes. If you want to help out with marketing, just follow a few guidelines to maintain consistency and preserve Dixon branding.

No Syndication

Feel free to email our listings to your clients or display them in your window. You can also list our properties on your website provided that they do not syndicate to Zillow, Trulia, or other online listing portals. Please keep our listings off Craigslist as well.

* Please let us know when you post to your site or email your network. We reserve the right to ask you to change or take down a listing.


Our agents will never steal your clients. We know our homes inside and out and have a representative at every showing to share information about the property’s history, materials and builder to help you make your sale.


We won’t tell you how to market, but please don’t blast our listings out daily. We’ve found that two touches per week is an accepted best practice.