About Us

Dixon Leasing is New Jersey’s premier property management company, which owns and manages properties throughout Hudson County and is now expanding into Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn. We have a expansive range of rental homes with apartments in Jersey City Van Vorst Park, Hoboken and West New York

Why rent from Dixon Leasing?

We have a large range of rental apartments in multifamily homes in Hudson County. We’ve chosen comfortable homes in clean, safe neighborhoods in areas that are a fast commute to Manhattan. We own the properties, so there’s no agent in the middle and no rental fees. We’ll help make locating your perfect home a rewarding, hassle-free experience.

All our rental apartments are held by a long term investment fund. As the properties are held for the benefits of long term rental, if you like the property it is likely you will be able to stay in it for a long period of time.

We pride ourselves on keeping you, as our tenant, happy. Reasonable rents, the best service and quick response times, including a fast maintenance service, are just a few of the ways Dixon Leasing strives to make your life easier.

Our professional team collectively shares over 20 years of ownership and property management experience. They are courteous, friendly and helpful – ready to help you with all aspects of your rental experience.


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Dixon Leasing is a subsidiary of Dixon Advisory