Today, Bushwick has not only become home to a thriving artist community, but was also recognized by Vogue as one of the world's coolest neighborhoods.

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About the Neighborhood

In 1638, the Dutch West India Company secured a large land deed from the local Lenape people. Later, in 1661, Peter Stuyvesant charted the area that would have contained the modern-day communities of Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint as Boswijck, meaning “little town in the wood” in 17th-century Dutch.

Today, Bushwick has not only become home to a thriving artist community with dozens of studios and galleries dotting its landscape, but was also recognized by Vogue as one of the world's coolest neighborhoods. Many New Yorkers will also testify that this neighborhood, the little sister of hip neighbor Williamsburg, boasts the best Latin food in all of New York City. Many, however, will agree that Bushwick boasts convenience other neighborhoods only dream of with 91% of houses within a quarter mile of a park and over 97% within half a mile of a subway..


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Bushwick is serviced by the J, L, M, and Z trains on three primary lines running through the neighborhood (BMT Jamaica Line, MBT Myrtle Avenue Line, and BMT Canarsie Line). Bushwick also offers a state-of-the-art transportation center at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenue Station for both subway and bus access.


Bushwick has easily become one of NYC’s premier locations—for art, for music and, increasingly, for food. Ever since pioneering pizzeria-restaurant Roberta’s (first on our list) opened in 2008, Bushwick’s dining scene has grown increasingly impressive, now drawing foodies from every borough.

Roberta’s 261 Moore St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
718.417.1118 | http://robertaspizza.com/
Amaranto 887 Hart St. Brooklyn, NY 11237
718.576.6001 | www.amarantobklyn.com 
Bunna Café 1084 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
347.295.2227 |
Momo Sushi Shack 43 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
718.418.6666 |
Arepera Guacuco Restaurant 44 Irving Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
347.305.3300 | www.guacuconyc.com


Given the ragtag history of the ‘nabe, it’s no surprise that Bushwick dive bars are plentiful. These single-room affairs provide the perfect location for those looking for a night with a heavy pour on fun but without the heavy pretense and $14 cocktail crowd (sorry Manhattan). And, to be honest, you could probably still find a $14 drink.

The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
917.719.1138 |
Father Knows Best 611A Wilson Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11207
718.975.6840 |
Heavy Woods 50 Wyckoff Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
929.234.3500 |
Idlewild24 St Nicholas Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
347.305.3344 | http://idlewildbk.com/
Happyfun Hideaway 1211 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221
917.999.8282 |


Alongside delicious restaurants, corner bars and art galleries, small boutiques and shops present more than what first meets the eye. Shopkeepers from all trades have carved out their nooks in this Brooklyn nabe, and there’s a store for just about everyone. From classic comic book shops to trendy vintage stores, the variety of places you can explore in Bushwick is astounding. After you’re done hitting the shops, green parks and playgrounds throughout this neighborhood present the perfect place to lie down and relax under the Brooklyn sun.

House of Yes 2 Wyckoff Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
646.838.4973 |
Shops at the Loom 1087 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
718.417.1616 |
Maria Hernandez Park Irving Ave., Knickerbocker Ave., bet. Starr St. and Suydam St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 | www.nycgovparks.org/parks/maria-hernandez-park
Molasses Books 770 Hart St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 | www.facebook.com/MolassesBooks/
Syndicated 40 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
718.386.3399 | https://syndicatedbk.com/


While Bushwick’s art scene is not new, it is turning a definitive corner. You won’t see packs of high-end art buyers crossing the East River to wander these galleries, but intrepid collectors from Manhattan are absolutely making the journey. Of course, there are some pretty amazing artist-run boutique shops as well.

Microscope Gallery 1329 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 347.925.1433 | www.www.microscopegallery.com/
Sardine286 Stanhope St, Brooklyn, NY 11237  914.805.1974 | http://sardinebk.com/
Space 776 Gallery 229 Central Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221
718.552.2169 | https://www.space776.com/
Centotto Gallery: Paul D’Agostino 250 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
917.744.4841 |
Transmitter 1329 Willoughby Ave 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11237
646.389.9407 | http://www.transmitter.nyc/
The Living Gallery 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221  631.377.1998 | http://www.the-living-gallery.com/