Even if you’re far from home, a hearty “home-cooked” meal is easily accessible in the Heights.

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About the Neighborhood

Perched atop the New Jersey Palisades, overlooking Hoboken and the Manhattan skyline, Jersey City Heights is becoming a go-to spot for new residents and tourists alike. Once known as Hudson City, the Heights was previously an independent municipality that formally became part of Jersey City in 1870. Offering luscious green parks, the Riverview Arts District and bustling thoroughfares dotted with shops and restaurants, it’s clear the Heights is making its name as a premier destination.

Comprised of mainly one- and two-family homes, the most famous being the Van Vorst farmhouse (considered to be the oldest single-family home in Jersey City), the Heights offers larger spaces at desirable price points but maintains close proximity to the Big Apple. New zoning laws in the recently named Riverview Arts District allow for live/work spaces, making the Heights a haven for budding artists.


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The Heights offers a variety of transportation options leaving residents well connected to surrounding areas such as Jersey City and Hoboken with the Light Rail, major bus routes, and bike paths. You'll have convenient access into Manhattan as well. 


Even if you’re far from home, a hearty “home-cooked” meal is easily accessible in the Heights. Known for its variety of ethnic foods, from Indian and Italian to Chinese and Japanese, cuisines from around the world have found their place in the Heights. Whether you’re dining on a dime or looking to eat extravagantly, there’s a little something for everyone.

Rumba’s Café 513 Central Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.216.9655 |
Choc-o-Pain 330 Palisade Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.420.7111 |
The Cliff 38 Congress St. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.626.4046 |
Andrea Salumeria 247 Central Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.653.1666 |
Darkside of the Moo 52 Bowers St. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.216.0495 |


Take a break from extravagant club scenes fraught with blasting music and bottle service and pop into any of the many corner bars throughout this neighborhood. Each bar has a slightly different flavor (though most promise at least a beer and a bite to eat!) and every local swears loyalty to “their” beloved bar. Find your niche by starting with our five faves.

Corkscrew Bar 61 Congress St. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.239.0087 |
Fox & Crow 594 Palisade Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307  201.984.2775 |
Low Fidelity 328 Palisade Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07302
201.795.3600 |
The Hutton 225 Hutton St. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.356.9169 |
Bobby Dees JC 49 Beacon Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
201.918.6124 |


Rising above Jersey City, the Heights boast truly spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. As the sun sets on Riverview Fisk Park, unobstructed views allow you to take in the full splendor of the city’s lights. The Heights additionally boasts its own lush green fields in Pershing Field Park, aquatic diversions at the Reservoir, fresh adventures through the Riverview Farmers Market or strolls through the Riverview Arts District.

Pershing Field Park 201 Central Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.547.4449 |
Jersey City Reservoir No. 3 Bordered by Summit, Central, Jefferson & Reservoir Avenues |
Riverview Fisk Park Bordered by Paterson Plank Road, Palisade Avenue, Griffith Street and Bowers Street |
Riverview Arts District General area east of Central Avenue |
Beloved World Yoga 317 Central Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307
201.714.9642 |