Looking for the best neighborhood bar in Brooklyn? You’ll find it at The Emerson, the 2015 Brooklyn bracket winner.

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About the Neighborhood

Clinton Hill has been called a neighborhood in transition. Once thought of as “west Bed-Stuy,” this eclectic, pedestrian-friendly ‘nabe has lately been giving off “east Fort Greene” vibes. Comprised of apartment buildings, stately mansions, historic brownstones and brick rowhouses—with Pratt Institute set as the centerpiece—Clinton Hill offers a laid-back atmosphere that appeals to both students and business professionals.

With roots back to the 1840s, Clinton Hill has long been a fashionable waypoint for Brooklyn’s social elite, traveling to Manhattan Island by stagecoach. Common belief held that areas of higher elevation were healthier because they positioned people above the squalor and illness at lower elevations. Not surprisingly, many millionaires of the time (Including Pratt Institute namesake Charles Pratt) established large mansions in Clinton Hill, many of which still stand today, preserved by the Clinton Hill Historic District. 


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Pick up the A and C trains at the Washington-Clinton station and anticipate a 35-minute trip on the C to reach Midtown Manhattan. The G train, which does not go to Manhattan, runs along Lafayette Avenue. Local buses include the B38 along DeKalb and the B54 along Myrtle. Motorists have ready access to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


Clinton Hill’s restaurant scene is reminiscent of its eclectic personality. Here, you’ll find tried and true eateries with long histories alongside hot, new restaurants opening their doors for the first time. Don’t worry about your stomach being bigger than your wallet. This neighborhood offers great food for every budget thanks to a growing mix of brand-new casual joints offering convenient chow that’s anything but fast food.

Emily 919 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11238
347.844.9588 |
Castro’s 511 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
Peaches Shrimp and Crab285 Grand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
718.638.9500 |


Looking for the best neighborhood bar in Brooklyn? You’ll find it at The Emerson, the 2015 Brooklyn bracket winner. Located on Myrtle Avenue, The Emerson is a little like a community center that offers pool, games, barbecues and booze. This mix has made it a favorite for the past five years with everybody from artists and students to working pros.

Doris 1088 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11238
347.240.3350 |
Moot Bar 579 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
718.638.3982 |
The Fulton Grand 1011 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11238
718.399.2240 |
Mirrors On Grand 284 Grand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
718.622.2277 |
Tip Top Bar & Grill 432 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
718.857.9744 |


Though primarily a residential neighborhood, Clinton Hill offers fun, quality shopping if your tastes tend toward unique small businesses. Similarly, while no single large park dominates the area, several smaller green spots stipple the area offering shade and playgrounds. For the full park experience, make tracks to Fort Green Park, a Brooklyn favorite during warm months and the site of the Great PUPkin Festival, a huge dog costume contest in October.

Fort Greene Park 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11205  212.639.9675 |
Su’juk 216 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
347.223.4707 |
Green in BKLYN 432 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
718.855.4383 |


Whether you are an incoming student or just a local resident of Brooklyn, New York, there are many places to tour on the Pratt Institute Campus. From lush gardens, abstract sculptures, to historical landmarks, there is always an excuse to explore on the college grounds.

The Library Built in 1896, this library features
architecture and floors made by the
Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company.
The Rose Garden Great spot to hang out and relax
while taking in lush flowers and
beautiful sculptures.
The Engine Room Take in a historic steam engine once used to power the institute. Now, this is a great location for a book or quick cat nap with the institutes many cats.
Pratt Institute Sculpture Garden 200 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
718.636.3600 |