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About the Neighborhood

Spanning seven avenues, the vibrant neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant is a showcase for old New York’s most notable architects and home to a diverse group of people who care deeply about keeping this developing neighborhood’s cultural history intact.

Bed-Stuy was the first neighborhood in New York City to be given a nickname. This happened in the 1940s, although the area we know as Bedford-Stuyvesant has been around for much longer. In the 1930s, many prominent Brooklyn families moved out to Bedford and Stuyvesant Heights, favoring modern houses that were equipped with garages to store their new automobiles. In the 1930s and 40s, African Americans living in Harlem also migrated to Bed-Stuy seeking to purchase homes. Actually, this is how the classic American jazz standard “Take the A Train” got its name.

Small business owners have found their niche among these bustling streets. Previously empty storefronts are becoming home to trendy hangouts, and colorful murals line the walls of new, upscale restaurants.

Only in Bed-Stuy can you stroll past the homes where Jay Z and Notorious B.I.G. first dreamt of fame, spend the night in a bar owned by renowned actor Anthony Mackie, or take a trip through history listening to old-school jazz. One thing that Bed-Stuy will never lose is the homey feeling. We invite you to visit and experience a neighborhood unlike any other.

Bed-Stuy has seen tremendous development over the last five years and will continue to evolve as homes in the area are restored and sold and new local businesses open up. Bed-Stuy is a unique enclave in both architecture and style, and we at Dixon, along with Bed-Stuy residents and the City of New York, are invested in preserving the integrity of this rare and exquisite neighborhood.


Unbeknownst to most, Bedford Stuyvesant is just a hop, skip and a jump away from many desirable destinations and has a bevy of convenient and easy transportation options. Hop in a taxi or on one of the many main subway lines and get to Grand Central or Penn Station, JFK airport or the amazing beaches of Long Island in under an hour.

Subway: Along the southern border of Bed-Stuy, you’ll find access to the A and C lines, while along the northern border, you’ll find the J, M and Z lines. You'll find the G line running through the center of this neighborhood.

Train: On the bottom border of Bedford Stuyvesant you’ll discover convenient access to the Nostrand Avenue Train Station, with service to Babylon, City Zone, Far Rockaway, Hempstead and Long Beach.

Citi Bike: With 26 Stations located on all major streets (and even some minor ones) hopping on a Citi Bike is one of the fastest and easiest ways to travel to and fro.

Bus: There are several major bus routes serving Bed-Stuy, with stops along major streets including: Fulton Street, Malcolm X Boulevard, Dekalb Avenue, Nostrand Avenue and many more.

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The landscape of Bed-Stuy has changed over the decades leaving behind a hodgepodge of ethnicities, lifestyles and communities. With this, a plethora of dining options have emerged on the scene. From old to new, and lavish to laidback, there’s something for everyone. Bed-Stuy is also well known for its Caribbean influence, which is why the jerk chicken and goat curry is arguably the best in the borough.
Peaches Hot House 415 Tompkins Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Saraghina 435 Halsey St.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Alice’s Arbor 549 Classon Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Black Swan 1048 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205
232 Café 232 Taaffe Pl.
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Dough 448 Lafayette Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Few places offer the opportunity to visit an age-old jazz club, see an Off-Broadway show or hang in a hip, new club all within the cozy blocks of one small neighborhood. Bed-Stuy offers all of this and more. Whether you’re looking to hang with the locals in the corner dive bar or sate your thirst in a new school bar, this neighborhood has something for every night owl.

Casablanca  300 Malcolm X Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Glorietta Baldy 502 Myrtle Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Lover’s Rock 419 Tompkins Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tree House 417 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tip Top Bar and Grill 432 Franklin Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238


A perfect match for all of the eclectic backgrounds in Bed-Stuy is the multitude of things to do on any one of this neighborhood’s bustling streets. Whether you’re looking to spend a sunny day relaxing in a park or take a stroll down memory lane while winding through an antique furniture shop, there’s always a new and exciting place to explore in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Locale Village Shop and Yoga 410 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Sankofa Aban Bed & Breakfast 107 Macon St.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Seasons 358 Stuyvesant Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
I Like Mike's Mid Century Modern 161 Decatur St.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Harold and Maude Vintage 592 Lafayette Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Notable Architecture

It’s hard to believe that the largest amount of original Victorian architecture in the country is just a ten-minute subway ride from Prospect Park in Brooklyn or a twenty-minute A train from Manhattan. With over 6,000 buildings built before 1913, Bedford-Stuyvesant is a unique and historically close-knit neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn, home to a multitude of breathtaking buildings, inimitable tree-lined streets, and abundant architectural and economic history.