Real Estate Technology: 5 Benefits That Set Tech-Savvy Agents & Brokers Apart

Real estate has always made the most of new technology. In the ‘90s, cell phones transformed the industry; for the first time, agents were able to keep in touch with clients no matter where they were. In a people-focused business, that meant more leads and more sales. Now, we look to smartphones and the web to change the way realtors do business. Apps, websites and other forms of real estate technology are revolutionizing the work of realtors and bringing a host of benefits to the market.


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If you're not making the most of the latest tech, you're missing out on these five huge benefits:

1. Save Time

Realtors likely boast one of the most hectic lives of any profession. Whether driving between house viewings, chasing leads or delivering contracts, it’s rare to see a realtor who isn’t rushed off their feet. Thankfully, some of the latest real estate technology can make your workload a bit more manageable. Take DotLoop by Zillow, for instance. This app lets contracts be signed electronically by a digital signature, so you don’t have to run between clients' homes.

2. Get More Leads

Winning new business in real estate is all about making a connection and gaining trust. That won’t ever change, but now there’s software that can help you create more and better connections than ever before. Apps like BombBomb allow you to capture and record video emails from your phone or your computer, and send them to your contacts automatically. Whereas Emma lets you send beautifully designed emails to your clients at just the right time based on their previous behavior.

3. Stay Compliant

Compliance might not be sexy, but it’s a necessity. And you better believe there’s an app to help with that as well. DocuSign is the leading digital document management platform that helps you to virtually manage and store all of your important documents. Now, you don’t have to worry about rifling through boxes of contracts the next time you get audited. It’s all online instead.

4. Boost Your Offering

Real estate technology doesn’t just help you with the tasks at hand; it enables you to create even more work (but in a good way). Technology is pushing the limits of what realtors can achieve on their own. Apps like Matterport—which lets agents create virtual tours in under an hour—are helping realtors to offer an even better service with little extra effort.

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5. Become More Productive

Whether it’s sending out automated email campaigns on your behalf or cutting the time it takes to complete a task in half, so much of the latest real estate technology enables you to be way more productive. There are even day-to-day management apps like GoConnect that store all of your contacts, leads and current listings. All of which helps you to create a more structured (and productive) day.

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