Bed-Stuy Rentals: 5 Things to Know About the Neighborhood

Welcome to Bed-Stuy, a sprawling and vibrant neighborhood spanning seven avenues in the heart of Brooklyn. Forget the rumors of gentrification and leave your inhibitions at the door, you’re about to step into one of the closest and friendliest communities in all of NYC. But before you make the move, here’s five things to know about this Brooklyn hidden gem.

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1. It still has that neighborhood vibe

Hopefully you’re chatty because you’ll get to know your neighbors in this caring, tight-knit community. A lot of this is due to the cultural traditions of the African-American and Caribbean population that moved from Harlem in the 1920s and 30s. Block associations are still prevalent here, so get involved in the meetings and don’t be surprised when your block shuts down for a party or two in the summertime.

2. It’s a transport hotspot

There’s no shortage of bus or subway stations in Bed-Stuy. Pretty much anywhere you settle will be in walking distance of some form of public transport. Find a property anywhere along the neighborhood’s southern boundary (Fulton Street) and you’ll have your pick of stations on the speedy A and C lines. If you choose the east side, you’ll be able to catch the J line. All of these connect Bed-Stuy to Manhattan in approximately 30 minutes. On top of this, the G line runs through the north and west of the neighborhood letting you explore the rest of Brooklyn.

3. Dinner will be the most exciting time of the day

The fact that Bed-Stuy is a melting pot of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds makes for a mouthwatering restaurant scene. We can't name all of our favorite eating spots, but we recommend heading to Ali’s Roti Shop for a taste of the Caribbean, Peaches Hothouse for some southern comfort food or Nagle’s Bagels for the sandwiches and ice cream.

4. You’ll never, ever be bored

Few of NYC’s neighborhoods offer such a diverse range of entertainment options. Catch an off-Broadway show after kicking it at a coffee shop on Malcolm X Boulevard. Then, head to one of the hip new clubs that have 20-somethings flocking in from every corner of the city. But don’t feel like you have to spend all day inside. Soak up the sun in either Herbert von King, Fulton or Saratoga Parks on your days off.

5. You’ll experience real New York architecture

Despite the tremendous development it has experienced over the last few years, Bed-Stuy still has one of the largest collections of untouched Victorian architecture in the country. The neighborhood is practically a museum of old New York’s most famous architects. Look forward to potentially living on one of the many original brownstones that sit off beautiful tree-lined streets.


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