Cobble Hill Rentals: 3 Things to Know Before You Move

Despite Cobble Hill’s small size—it only encompasses 40 blocks—this quiet neighborhood has a long history. 

Its name is a throwback to the 19th Century where, during the War of Independence, British soldiers removed the top of “Cobleshill” so that American soldiers weren’t able to spy on their headquarters. A new neighborhood soon sprang up on top and immigrants flooded into the area at the turn of the 20th Century from Ireland, Italy and France.

By 1969, the Cobble Hill Historic District had been designated a New York City landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Today, Cobble Hill is a vibrant community that boasts an eclectic mix of generations-old houses and stores, as well as hip new cafes and restaurants. Plenty of Manhattanites are drawn to the area as they look for accommodation in Brooklyn, and rightly so as there's plenty to love about this quiet yet vibrant neighborhood.

It has arguably the city’s finest collection of 19th Century houses.

The main draw of Cobble Hill is the opportunity to live in one of the city’s finest collections of 19th Century houses. You can find exceptional examples of Greek Revival in the form of both Italianate and Queen Anne style row houses on practically every street. The churches aren’t bad, either. Old St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church is worth visiting even if you have no intention of moving. 


Between the old and the new, there’s plenty to do.

Stunning properties aside, Court and Smith Streets are another big draw for would-be Cobble Hill renters. The neighborhood’s main two thoroughfares are a seamless blend of decades-old stores and new boutique shops. Head to Court Street to see one of the city’s oldest butchers, Staubitz Market. But there’s no danger of getting stuck in the past. Turn to Smith Street after dark to relax and unwind at one of the street’s new and trendy specialized bars.


You’ll fill up on French fare.

You won’t go hungry in Cobble Hill, either. Restaurant Row on North Smith Street is home to dozens of much-loved restaurants serving a surfeit of food from around the world. Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines all have their place, but it’s the French that steal the show. Thanks to a sizable French community, Cobble Hill boasts some of the finest French restaurants in the whole of New York. Bar Tabac and Hanco are both worth a visit.

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Does Cobble Hill make the cut?

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