Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Rentals: 3 Things to Know Before Moving

It’s become known recently as a neighborhood in transition, but really, Clinton Hill has always been changing. Once a bastion of the wealthy, it quickly became a middle-class hub. Now young professionals and families are moving into town thanks to its cheap(ish) rents and its friendly appeal. If this Brooklyn neighborhood could be your next adventure, here are three things you should know while searching for your Clinton Hill dream home.


 You’ll find an eclectic mix of homes and people

From majestic homes on beautiful tree-lined streets to towering apartment blocks, Clinton Hill has it all. The neighborhood has changed a lot over the years and the architecture reflects just that. At the turn of the 20th century, Clinton Hill was a magnet for wealthy residents who built mansions along Clifton Avenue. It wasn’t long until the middle classes flooded in, as well as immigrants from the world over. Today, the neighborhood is a hotspot for young professionals, young families and students of the Pratt Institute and St Joseph’s College. It’s also one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods around. The last census estimated the population to be 39% white, 36% black, 16% Hispanic and 5% Asian. 


Boutiques rule Clinton Hill

Whether it’s grocery stores or coffee shops, don’t expect to find many large chains in Clinton Hill. Instead, the area is littered with hip, quaint and cool boutiques and popups. These independent shops, cafes and restaurants don’t just do things better than the chains, they’re far more friendly, too. Expect amusing handwritten chalkboards outside and a warm welcome when you step inside. As cool coffee shops go, you can’t beat Outpost. If food is your fancy,  grab a pizza from Emily, a husband-wife-run restaurant, or some southern style comfort food at Soco. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s worth popping in to sit at their 20-ft long bar.


It’s as well connected as anywhere in Brooklyn

Don’t think that moving out of Manhattan means a hellish commute. Thanks to the C train, getting to Manhattan is a breeze. It takes just 35 minutes to get to Wall Street, and 45 to the Rockefeller Center. Getting around Brooklyn is also fairly straightforward on the G train, which runs through the neighborhood. Plenty of local buses serve the area and if you’ve still got your car, you’ll welcome ready access to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Caught up in moving to Clinton Hill? Find out everything else you need to know before you make the move in our neighborhood guide. Then, when you’re ready, head on over to our custom listings page to pick the perfect home.


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