New York City's Iconic Movie Locations: Holiday Edition

‘Tis the season for catching up with friends and family over classic holiday movies. Of course, some of best of the genre were filmed right here in New York City, from the heart-warming "Miracle on 34th Street" to the raucous "Home Alone" sequel.

Here’s a rundown of a few of the most famous Manhattan filming locations of holiday movies, perfect as you tour the town with visitors this time of year:

  1. "Miracle on 34th Street"  
      Macy’s – 151 West 34th Street

    Santa Claus has come to town in one of the most revered Christmas movies of all time. Starring a young Natalie Wood, "Miracle on 34th Street" features a handful of scenes at Macy’s Herald Square location, including the eye-opening moment Kris Kringle speaks to a Dutch girl in her native tongue. Santa is real, boys and girls!

  2. "Home Alone II"
      The Plaza Hotel
    – 750 Fifth Avenue at Central Park South

    The McCallisters have lost Kevin again. This time, he’s spending the holidays alone in New York City. Because he apparently has wonderfully decadent taste, Kevin chooses The Plaza Hotel as a primary residence during his stay. Check out the clip of Macaulay Culkin walking around his new digs in awe, and ready yourself for a "yuge" cameo.

  3. "Scrooged"
      Seagram Building – 375 Park Avenue

    With the Cubs winning the World Series, Billy Murray’s been spending a lot of time in his native Chicago lately, but he’s had his fair share of big movie moments in New York. "Ghostbusters," "Quick Change," and the modern update of "A Christmas Carol" — "Scrooged" — all feature great New York moments. Murray’s version of old Ebenezer works as the president of a television station, based out of the Seagram Building.

  4. "Elf"
      The Empire State Building – 350 Fifth Avenue

    Will Ferrell as the vertically un-challenged Elf travels pretty much everywhere in Manhattan, but no location is more important to Buddy than the Empire State Building, home to his long-lost father’s office. Grab a cup of the world's best cup of coffee, and enjoy!

  5. "The Family Man"
      Stefano Ricci – 407 Park Avenue

    An underappreciated Christmas movie starring Nicolas Cage, Don Cheadle and Tea Leoni, directed by Brett Ratner, and with a score by Danny Elfman,"The Family Man" sees protagonist Jack slip into an alternate reality where he’s not a wealthy business executive — who also works at the Seagram Building — but a regular working-class dad and husband. The film begs the question, "What makes a good life?" Shopping at Stefano Ricci once in a while, as Jack does in the film, can’t be so bad though.

  6. "Noel"
      30 Rockefeller Center

    Though producers of this Susan Sarandon holiday treat chose to shoot select scenes based in New York City up north in Montreal instead, but there's just no substitute for 30 Rock, where protagonist Rose works. There are great shots of the surrounding landscape all decked out in decorations, while skaters take to the ice at the iconic rink as well.

  7. "You've Got Mail"
      106 West 69th Street

    Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fight in person and fall in love online in this New York City classic that features iconic Upper West Side locations — including Riverside Park and Zabar's — throughout. In real life, Ryan's bookstore, The Shop Around the Corner, was a cheese and antiques shop that filmmaker Nora Ephron temporarily emptied and reimagined for the film. That shop has since closed, and an organic dry cleaner stands at the West 69th Street location that Ryan so sweetly decorates in this classic New York Christmas scene.

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