How to Find the Right Property Management Company

Whether you have one property or 101 properties, enlisting the help of a property management company can make life much easier for you as a landlord. And in the metro New York area, there’s no shortage of property managers to choose from. 

While having dozens of property managers ready to offer you their services may seem like a great gig, it can make it harder to find the right one for you. Knowing what to look for, however, can make the process much easier. Here’s what we recommend keeping in mind when you’re searching for the right property management company.


Start with your personal network.

As with most things, the best place to start is by talking to the people around you. Ask friends, family or colleagues if they’ve had any experiences with great property management companies. Professional tradesmen, like builders and plumbers, are also good to speak to as there’s a fair chance they’ve completed work on behalf of a property management company in the past. Don’t forget about your current tenants, too. They may be able to offer a unique perspective on dealing with property managers.


Trust experience.

The more experienced and knowledgeable a company is, the better placed they will be to handle any situation. When you interview prospects, make sure to question their knowledge of the local area, ask how many properties they currently manage, and how long they’ve been in business. Make sure to ask how many other landlords they’re currently working with, since speaking with them can be an excellent way to gain candid reviews.


Compare cost and service.

Since you need to make sure your property remains profitable, cost is a crucial factor when choosing the right property management company. Compare your options to ensure you’re getting a sufficient amount of high-quality services for the cost.


Consider the services you need.

Whether it’s general maintenance, repairs or tenant screening, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the services that property management companies say they offer. But there can be a world of difference in the way that they carry those services out. While shopping around, make sure you’re getting enough information on the services that matter to you most. Be clear on what the property management company offers and how well they can carry out the service.


You don’t have to look far.

The right property management company for you could’ve been right under your nose this whole time. At Dixon Leasing, we’ve turned our experience managing our portfolio of nearly 600 properties into one of the most seamless property management services in New York. Leverage the experience and knowledge of our in-house team through a customized property management package based on your unique needs. Request a free quote today.