5 Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Home

As if finding the perfect home wasn’t hard enough, it can even more challenging when you have a furry companion in tow. Whether your four-legged best friend meows or barks, be prepared to put a bit more time and effort in your home search, especially if you're considering a co-op building.

By following these great tips, and adding a bit of patience and persistence, you're sure land a dream pet friendly home suitable for your humans, canines and felines alike.

1. Prepare a Resume for your pet.

It may sound crazy, but having a robust dossier on your pet can be a lifesaver when searching for an apartment. Be sure to mention your pet's age, weight, breed, activity level, housetraining skills and any other traits that make him or her a perfect tenant. Also include one or more photos showing your fur baby in happy, friendly poses. For dogs, add notes about any training or obedience schools attended along with copies of certificates earned. For cats, be sure to specify that Whiskers is litter-box trained and uses a scratching post. Lastly, make note of your pet's schedule, including how long they'll be alone and info on dog walkers or family members who'll be home with your pet during the day. This pet resume can help make the transition easier.

2. Gather pet references.

If this is starting to sound like a job search, you're not far off. Collect reference letters from anyone who is able to speak to your pet's temperament and behavior in the home. This can include your past landlords (be sure to have them specify that the pet caused no damage during your stay), obedience instructors, dog walkers or sitters, veterinarians, groomers and so on. The more references you're able to collect, the better case you'll be making for Fluffy.

3. Thoroughly Vet Your Vet Records.

Make sure you have your current veterinarian records in order. Of special interest will be documentation of flea and tick prevention, proof that your pet is spayed or neutered, and records showing that he or she is up-to-date on all vaccinations. A well-cared for pet is more likely to be a well-behaved pet, and your dedication to their medical health shows you are a responsible pet owner.

4. Be Prepared to Sign and Pay.

Offer to sign a pet agreement with the landlord and to pay an additional pet deposit (a one-time fee) or pet rent (an addition to your monthly rent). When signing on the dotted line, be sure your lease or pet agreement stipulates how long the agreement is effective for, whether any increases in pet rent or deposit are planned, repercussions for any violations on your part and whether any part of the fees are refundable at the time you vacate the property.

5. Plan a Meet and Greet.

Last, but certainly not least, encourage your new landlord or board to meet your freshly groomed, well-behaved pet. Many a leery decision-maker has been won over by a toothy smile and a wiggly tail.

Hopefully these tips will quickly have your pet wagging and purring in your new home. Keep in mind all Dixon homes are pet-friendly. (Breed and weight restrictions may apply, and the one-time pet fee varies by breed and weight.) View all our pet friendly listings here: 

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