Townhomes in New York: 4 Tips for Families Looking for the Perfect Home

For young families, a home is so much more than walls, windows, and a front door. It’s where you’ll grow together and create rich, lasting memories. It’s where you’ll host birthdays and holiday parties, celebrate milestones, and establish traditions.

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Because your home is such an important part of your family, finding perfect towhomes in New York in the perfect neighborhood may be harder than it seems. Here are some tips to guide your search:

1. Give your family plenty of room to grow.

Sure, a two-bedroom is all you need for you, your spouse, and your newborn right now, but what about in a few years? Your baby will be toddling around and you may even be preparing to welcome a new child into the mix. Choose a condo or townhome in the New York Metropolitan Area that your family can comfortably live in at least five to seven years into the future.

2. Figure out what type of home is best for your family.

Townhome? Condo? Apartment? Each option has its own advantages. For example, a condo in a small building is great because there can be a sense of community and, depending on the building, you may see great features like a gym or rooftop deck. On the other hand, townhomes in New York can feel like a small house, which many families love. Neither is inherently better than the other; it’s just a matter of choosing what’s right for your family.

3. Make sure you love the neighborhood.

Don’t make the mistake of falling in love with a beautiful home in the wrong area. You’ll be living in this neighborhood for at least a few years, so make sure you can see you and your family walking the streets, eating at the restaurants and shopping at the stores.

4. Don’t stretch your budget too far.

In your search for a family home, you will inevitably find the place that’s perfect in every way – except it’s over budget. Our advice? Don’t push yourself to the limit financially. Move your family into a condo or townhome in New York that you can comfortably afford. That way, you’ll have funds leftover to save, decorate, and explore your new neighborhood.

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