Interior Design Tile Style Guide

Tile is one of the most versatile and durable elements used in home décor, thanks to its wealth of styles, materials and configuration options. From staid and classic to eye-popping and modern, let's take a look at the latest tile style revolution taking home design by storm.

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Interior design trendsetters are hailing an era of colorful kitchen cabinetry and moody bathrooms ahead, so it makes sense that vivid tile will be well-suited in these environments. We're especially fond of bold, patterned concrete tile looks, and our friends at Fireclay Tile can always be counted on for great color and texture. "I just love Fireclay," remarks Rian Smith, Dixon senior interior designer. "They're really well known for their handmade tiles with loads of colors and patterns. Right now, I’m really into their crackle finishes."

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Those in search of tile excitement, but leery of vibrant color or pattern, will love today's imaginative array of tile shapes. Tile can now be found in every conceivable silhouette, from geometric to irregular and organic, meaning it's easy to add visual interest even within a minimalist interior color palette. "I always love a scallop shape," says Smith. "Whether placed round side up or down, the result is a soft pattern that, to me, is very feminine and not at all overpowering." 

Senior Interior Designer Rian Smith