Staff Spotlight: Judy Gutierrez

Transitioning from law school preparations to the New York City real estate market, Judy Gutierrez hasn’t lost her passion for family, life and music along the journey.

Judy, working on Dixon’s Property Management team, manages over 120 one- to four-family homes across Hudson County, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Originally a paralegal, Judy ultimately decided to follow a different route. “After being accepted to law school, I realized becoming a lawyer wasn’t for me. I decided to get into real estate because my family works in real estate investment.” Although Judy is a Senior Property Manager, she also admires the design side of real estate. “I’m constantly impressed by the work that the Project Management and Interior Design teams pull off. I’d have so much fun in a design role. I’m always helping my friends decorate their places.”


Judy ended by sharing her final thoughts on her Dixon experience by saying, “Dixon has an amazing atmosphere. They know how to take people with the skill set to excel and turn them into experts. It’s so important to stay true to your personality and let it shine; it will get you really far.”

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