Staff Spotlight: Emily Diaz

Meet Emily Diaz: After studying law for some time, this outgoing gal decided to follow her heart and begin her career in an area she was truly passionate about—the world of real estate.

As a Leasing Administrator with Dixon Leasing’s Applications & Renewals team, Emily reviews all incoming applications to ensure potential tenants are provided with an efficient and simple leasing process. “I spend much of my time reviewing documents and answering calls from prospective tenants who have questions about the process.” Emily works closely with Erica Trusty, Leasing Administrator, and Delores Little, Head of Renewals to provide clients with a stress-free transition into their new home. “I’m also the go-to person for our staging schedule, coordinating which properties will get staged and when.”



Outside of work, Emily spends her time with her six-year-old son, Manny. “I like to try new things with my son. I want him to be open minded, so we explore and always try something new. I try to explain everything to him as best as I can instead of telling him he’ll understand when he’s older. It’s important to me that I don’t dismiss hard conversations.” When they’re not on a new adventure, Emily says, “We also love movies and pizza.”

Emily is also a lover of travel and an avid goal setter. “I hope to travel the world, get a dog and keep trying different types of food. I like to challenge myself, but I’m a very picky eater… Delores is helping me with that,” she shares with a grateful smile.