Staff Spotlight: Laura Orr

Meet Laura Orr: A well-travelled Aussie with a process-oriented mind, a passion for food and an unrivaled work ethic.

As Executive Director of Operations, Laura holds the unique position of managing and facilitating the needs of several in-house departments, including the Leasing, Applications and New Client teams. Constantly working to ensure everything is in place for smooth sailing, Laura states, “I make sure all teams are gelling together properly; from Turnover to Property Management to Leasing.”

This Finance Economics major worked with L’Oréal Australia on a graduate program throughout her time at the University of Sydney before accepting a full-time position upon graduation. “I didn’t love the atmosphere there, so I saved up my money while working on the finance team before taking time to travel around Europe for six months.” While in London, Laura realized her dream of one day working overseas. “I knew I had to work in London or New York. By chance, I ended up at Dixon Advisory Australia who subsequently opened a New York office. I was so excited and talked to Alan, the CEO, every time he came back to Australia to learn more about the business and see if there might be an opportunity for me. I think he probably had enough of my questions after a few years and offered me a role in 2014,” she shared with a cheeky smile.



When she’s not in the office, Laura says she’s a homebody who loves exploring her neighborhood. “I love that Jersey City is suburban. I live on a park, I know my neighbors and I’m only 20 minutes from the city.” A lover of good food, Laura says that Jersey City’s Razza is a pizza place not to be missed, “I eat their maple bacon pizza at least once per week. You have to add garlic to it though!” Continuing on with her passion for food, Laura reveals the top item on her bucket list, “I dream of visiting the top 50 restaurants in the world, probably during retirement. I’d love to stay in nice hotels around the world and just enjoy great food. I’m happiest when… how much of this article has been focused on me eating?”

Clearly a food connoisseur, we had to know Laura’s favorite. “There’s nothing like a good steak. My ideal night out is a trip to the wine bar, a great T-bone steak for dinner and then a comedy show.” In the near future, Laura hopes to learn Spanish and road trip around South America. “I’d like to do more travel down south in the US as well.”